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Front End Development

Bringing visuals to life through carefully crafted code

Our in-house team of front end WordPress web developers turn visuals into reality, carefully hand-coding each template so that your new custom website is fully responsive and quick to load.

Once we’ve completed our user experience (UX) and visual design phases and your new responsive custom WordPress website is taking shape, it’s time to bring the site to life by carefully hand-crafting the underlying code that browsers read to render each page – called front end development.

Our talented in-house team has decades of experience in hand-coding websites, and are truly experts in their field. We push the boundaries of what’s possible, while also ensuring our WordPress websites are fully responsive so they work equally well across mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

We use a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to bring the designs to life, and add creative flair with animations and interactive elements. It’s painstaking work and if it sounds complicated, it is. Over the years, web design has become more and more complex. There are dozens of browsers and devices that need to be factored in, and with Google placing more and more importance on mobile search and site speed, the task of creating a high-performing custom WordPress website is certainly not an easy one.

Fortunately, we take it in our stride, and our in-house team have many years of experience between them, honing their skills to become experts in the intricate technicalities of this complex area of coding.

Front end tasks

Below are just a few of the tasks that we carry out as part of a responsive custom WordPress website project in order to ensure that it’s quick to load, fully responsive and gives you the widest possible reach.

abstract coloured pattern abstract coloured pattern

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