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Are you the tortoise (SEO) or the hare (PPC)?

By James Marshall on

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SEO and social media platforms like FB, Twitter, LI take time to work. Is it slow and steady that wins the race or are you wanting results fast? We all know that a lot of effort must go into your SEO strategy but give it time and it is an effective way to increase your visibility within the search engines. I am an advocate of both strategies. Your PPC campaigns can be up and running the same day. But that doesn’t mean you are going to be an overnight success. I like to let my campaigns bed in and start measuring my results to see what is or more importantly isn’t working. To me PPC is all about cutting out the dead wood!

PPC is great for measuring and tracking, you will be able to see which campaigns work best

You can control and manage PPC campaigns at the touch of a button. They are a lot more targeted than traditional forms of advertising, TV and print who have traditionally been all about getting you impressions. Whereas PPC targets specific people in a certain location. You can tweak your results on the fly and I would advise to tweak away to your hearts content!

Unlike the fable there is no winner here, why not lean to be both!

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