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The different types of digital agencies

Jai Nicholls - Production and Marketing Director at Supersonic Playground Ltd

By Jai Nicholls on

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This is the first article in a series, which aims to take you through the entire web development process. From outlining the different types of digital agencies, selecting the right one for you, the web development process, the different approaches to project management, through to the various launch strategies, and pointers on things to remember and watch out for.
In this article, we look at the many different types of agencies that provide digital services, and what they typically provide.

Web Development Agencies

Also known as design and build agencies, and as the name suggests they focus on the design and build of websites. They typically use industry web trends and good user experience (UX) to make the most of your online home.
Web design agencies often work better with a full digital strategy that is already planned out, so they have a full understanding of the business goals and target demographic, to incorporate into their designs.
Whilst web designer’s by trade, these agencies sometimes offer other services, such as SEO and social media, to accompany your new site. Though, more often than not, they partner with SEO specialist agencies to bring it together.

SEO agencies

This brings us on to SEO specialists, these agencies focus on the techniques used and needed to get you ranking on Google and other search engines. Whilst they usually don’t have a strong technical background, they will be experts in what’s needed for higher page ranking, but will likely partner with the web developers for the build work.
SEO specialists are often content focused, alongside researching trends in terms of key words for industries. Social media can help with SEO, but isn’t a major player in terms of ranking. A decent social strategy can take time to develop and implement, most specialist skilled agencies will partner with social specialists.

Social media agencies

Social media agencies specialise in the industry knowledge and marketing sector that is online platforms, everything from Facebook, to Instagram to Google+.
Social media strategy is commonly misconstrued, where companies often think the more platforms they’re on and the more they post, the better.
A successful social media strategy should always include business analysis to ascertain what you want to achieve (general page likes might make you look popular, but will they actually lead to more business?), competitor analysis, audience research, and trends for your industry. All of this should be used to create a social strategy bespoke to your company, to get you found on social channels that your audience are using, utilising these platforms to inform and build relationships.
The content that is produced should often be reviewed with SEO efforts, linking back to the website, sharing blog updates and engaging content to keep the audience interested in what you have to say.

PPC Specialist Agencies

PPC campaigns are often a ‘quick fix’ for SEO, and are a quick way to boost your website ranking on Google whilst waiting for SEO to kick in. These kinds of strategies take careful planning, research and a budget, which the agencies take on board from your overall plan.
Working with SEO agencies, these companies help to optimise landing pages and ads from the keywords specific to your industry and campaign, and monitor the campaigns to ensure you’re getting the best results from your budget.

Branding Agencies

Just like the name says, the main focus of these agencies is to create a brand image for the company. This can be simply a logo, to full brand identity with rules for online and offline usage. These companies work with your company ideology to design the best documents and logo to fit with your ethos. Your brand is about creating your overall company identity, and how consumers view your brand.
Branding agencies often work alongside SEO to create the tone that your company wants to portray to your audience. Building the platform around your following marketing strategy.

Full-Service Digital Agencies

Full-service agencies cover all aspects mentioned above, rolling all different specialisms under one roof. There is less management required by the client, as they have only one company to deal with. They own, manage and implement your overall digital strategy for you, ensuring that things do not fall through the gaps between companies. If you know you need more than 2 services from the above list it would definitely be worth looking at using the services of a full service agency (even if you only use a couple of their services)

If you’re looking for any of the above services, please get in touch, we’d love to help!

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