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Are you guilty of feeling guilty?

Rich Dean, Creative Director

By Rich Dean on

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See if you’re familiar with this scenario:

Your friend/colleague/mentor/fairy godmother has told you that social media and/or blogging will help you get more traffic to your website, connect with your customers, increase your revenue and cement your reputation as an expert in your field. You’ve done your research and, lo and behold, they’re right. You immediately sign up to half a dozen different social media platforms and post a triumphant inaugural blog on your website stating, with confidence, that this will be the first in a regular series of mind blowing, life changing and altogether stupendous articles. Fast forward three months and your Twitter sits dormant, your Facebook lies untouched and that first blog post seems also to have been your last.

As you watch the virtual tumbleweeds blowing across your online presence a feeling of guilt and panic grips you: you made a commitment to do this but you simply haven’t had the time – does this reflect poorly on you as a professional? Are you letting down your customers?

Unfortunately, as any internet savvy business person will tell you, it’s better to have no social media than to have accounts that remain unused as, yes, it does reflect badly upon your business (what would you think if you went to the ‘blog’ section on a website and found that it hadn’t been updated in a year?). However, saying no to social media completely is inadvisable, as statistics have consistently demonstrated the advantages of blogging and social media for businesses. For example, the 2015 Hubspot report found that companies who make regular blogging part of their marketing strategy were 13 times more likely to get a positive ROI.*

However, that doesn’t mean you need to a) feel guilty, b) remove yourself wholesale from the internet or c) neglect your real business in favour of your virtual one. As with so many areas in business (and life) you have to speculate to accumulate and the answer is, quite simply, outsourcing.

Take, for example, the design of your website. You know it has a massive impact on sales and yet you wouldn’t dream of spending hours (well ok, weeks) doing it yourself. Instead you call in a designer – somebody who has the expertise and time to do a fantastic job. Likewise, you shouldn’t attempt to create all your content yourself. Outsourcing to a third party means that you free up valuable time, and the business generated by professional, regular digital updates more than justifies the cost.

With Christmas out of the way and the new year firmly upon us, my guess is that you’re even busier than usual and so this is a perfect time to start looking around for skilled third parties to create stunning content for your business in 2016. So stop feeling guilty about neglecting your blog and concentrate on feeling guilty about all those mince pies you’ve just scoffed instead…

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