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Why high numbers aren’t always a good thing

Amber Harty - SEO, Social and Content Marketing Executive at Supersonic Playground Ltd

By Amber Harty on

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For our final blog of social media month, we’re focusing on the effects of fake followers.

In our last blog, we touched base on the effect of buying followers and how they can damage your business. Whilst the appearance of having many followers on social media appeals to some, buying in followers it isn’t always a great thing.


When you see an account with a high number of followers, but very low interactions, it can look untrustworthy to your audience. Frequent user engagement will have a better appearance than having a lot of followers,  and having an engaged audience shows they are genuinely interested in your brand. Each engagement will also show on the users timeline, hopefully leading to more organic traffic.

Building trust with your audience is extremely important on social media, and if people associate your business with having fake followers, this could tarnish your business, and give the impression that you’re untrustworthy.


Fake followers are a breeding ground for spam messages and viruses, as once they follow your account, they can target your existing real followers and spam them with messages and links to malicious websites, affecting your overall reputation. If you are associated with spam, your genuine followers will eventually unfollow you and not interact with your brand.


Every social networking site states that it is against the rules to buy fake followers in their terms and conditions, a rule that they often enforce, so breaking said rule could see you banned from your accounts.

False advertising

Some companies promise high likes and high impressions, but are these genuine? An organic social strategy is not able to predict how many people will visit your page, or the number of new followers you’ll get. Whilst you can promise more engagement, growth and reach, you can never tell exactly how many organically. This is not to be said for a paid campaign which can predict a rough number of potential follows, impressions, and reach.

In summary, high followers might look good from afar, but quality, engaged connections are always the winner. Putting your businesses reputation at the heart of your social strategy, will ensure you build trust, relationships and genuine followers,  benefiting your brand, and building a strong foundation for any marketing campaign.

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