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Do you need a new website?

Amber Harty - SEO, Social and Content Marketing Executive at Supersonic Playground Ltd

By Amber Harty on

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A website typically has a lifespan of 2-5 years, but what factors indicate you need a new site? Trends change each year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new website, unless of course you’re a web design agency.

Your website isn’t responsive

If your website isn’t responsive across all devices and browsers, you should update it ASAP! With more Google searches happening on mobile than any other device*, it’s not only key to ensuring you’re not missing out on potential customers, but to also ensure Google doesn’t downgrade your site in mobile searches for SEO.

Search engines are putting a lot of emphasis and updating their algorithms to prioritise websites that display correctly on mobile.  This ensures mobile users get the best experience from their results, and if your site doesn’t render correctly on mobile, it will be downgraded.

You’re losing traffic and conversions

As trends change, so do your customers’ expectations. Users expect their experience to be easy and seamless, they are becoming more and more fickle, preferring their options to be right there.

Ask yourself, how easy is your site to navigate? Are there clear call-to-actions (CTA’s)?  Are you guiding the user through your website to exactly where you want them to go? Consumers subconsciously, expect to be guided on their journey through your website.  Buttons stating ‘Click here’, ‘Sign up today!’ or ‘View our other products’ are likely to get better conversions than when a consumer explores your website of their own accord. If you need to click more than two pages to find what you’re after, you need an update.

Your page loads slowly

Whilst admittedly this might not mean you require a whole new website, loading times are important for user experience and SEO. 47% of consumers expect a webpage to loads in 2 seconds or less, with 40% of those leaving a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

You can use various tools to assess how fast your site loads, and if your site is slow, diagnose the issue. Do you have a lot of big files? Uncompressed images and too many files can really slow down your website. You might need to overhaul to compressed large logos, large images and remove too many large documents or files.

Your website lacks consistency

Over the years, many websites add new pages, update parts of pages and add fresh content, with many developers and marketers touching the website. Whilst adding fresh content can be great for SEO, you need to ensure the user experience (UX) is up-to-date too.

If your pages are out of sync, using different layouts, fonts and colours, your site could likely do with an update! Inconsistency throughout a website can put customers off your brand, giving the impression of being messy and lazy.

You can’t update content easily

Content management systems (CMS) are at the top of the list when it comes to web design, with the majority of the web using them, and the various options of which platform to use are ever growing.

If you can’t easily log in to your websites’ admin area, you should think about building a new website. CMS websites are a great cost-effective solution to updating content on websites. Who wants to contact their web developer each time you want to add a new blog or update copy on your website?

Remember, CMS websites need plug-ins updated regularly, to avoid bugs and security issues, so always opt-in for a management package to avoid your website breaking, or worse, being hacked!

It looks out of date…

Unsurprisingly, if your website looks out of date, inconsistent or just out-lived, then chances are, it is!

Always look at your website as though you are a consumer, how would they navigate it and soak in the content on your website? Are the CTA’s strategically placed? Are you promoting your top-seller in your header? If you don’t like how your website looks, then what makes you think your consumers will?


If you need a new website, just get in touch, we’re more than happy to help!


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