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A newsletter microsite for Chapman Freeborn

Rich Dean, Creative Director

By Rich Dean on

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Chapman Freeborn is a highly successful charter flight company based in Gatwick, UK. Their services span private jet hire, chartered cargo transit and courier, to name just a few.

In order to market and cross-sell their services, they had been sending out a quarterly newsletter which was created as a PDF and then emailed to existing and potential clients. As well as file size limitations, they also wanted to have the ability to track response rates, so earlier this year they approached Supersonic Playground to create a new system that would not only overhaul the visual aesthetics but also be a digital-first solution that would allow them to better measure response rates. They also wanted to be able to create each newsletter themselves, so the solution needed to be customisable and intuitive.

Our solution was to create a completely bespoke ‘page builder’ system. We designed a series of editorial modules that were each designed to cater for different content types – image galleries, alternating lists, key stats etc. We then built the system on WordPress, a platform the client was already familiar with. Each newsletter was built in a way that allowed the client to create as many different stories as they liked, and each story could be composed of as many of the editorial modules as they wanted, in whatever order they chose. It gave them the flexibility they desired with a much higher level of visual appeal, as well as ensuring the all-important click-through’s were trackable.

Initial design for the Chapman Freeborn newsletter microsite

The project has been a huge success for the client and we’ve receive glowing feedback. We’re looking forward to working with them again and we can’t wait to see the newsletters that they create.

Check out the newsletter microsite here:

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