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Recipe for a good website  

Amber Harty - SEO, Social and Content Marketing Executive at Supersonic Playground Ltd

By Amber Harty on

Supersonic Playground Ltd

Building a website takes a lot of planning and strategical thinking. In this Blog we cover the basics that every website should include, from the position and type of navigation, through to the URL structure.


A menu, also known as navigation enables your audience to navigate your website. A creative, visual website (I.e. photographer) could benefit from burger menus so it doesn’t detract from the site’s content, where as an informative business i.e. bank can benefit more from horizontal menus, with their pages being readily accessible to their audience.


As they say, ‘content is king’ (though we prefer ‘content quality is king’) and your website needs content, which should not be limited to copy. The style of content you’re placing on your website should fit your brand image, whether that be visual or informative, your business goals will define your content. ‘Quality’ content enables you to communicate your brand message effectively. Having a content rich website with a good copy and image balance, tends to allow for a  good SEO and User Experience balance.


Your logo is a key element of what defines your business. At a glance, a logo should inflict emotion, stand out and make a statement. The colour of your logo is a huge factor when it comes to first impressions and how your audience feel instantly about your brand, we will be focusing on colour psychology in more depth in our upcoming blog post.

The position also plays a key role in the user experience of your site. Many people view web pages in the style of an ‘F,’ reading from the top left corner, to the far right, then down the left side of the page, lastly the middle. Placing your logo at the starting point of this structure will benefit your first impressions.


A good website should focus on a neat, easily navigable structure. An organised site divided in to relevant and categories sections, means your content can be digested easily. A good content strategy will focus on your most important messaging and/or product at the top of your page, to ensure relevant content hierarchy.

Contact Info

Once your audience have found your website, digested your logo and content, the next step is converting them. Ensure your contact information is easily found, located directly in the viewing pattern of the audience, when visiting a web page 64% of people expect to find the companies contact information easily. Placing your contact number in the top right hand corner of your website will ensure you’re easily contactable and a strategically placed contact button or contact form will provide customers with a solution to a problem, making contacting you easy.


CTA buttons pinpoint essential information, guiding your audience where to click through on their journey. Simple ‘Click here’ or ‘Find out more’ buttons can see your CTR’s grow through gentle guidance.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive websites are a must have. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, this will affect User Experience and SEO. With 57% of people saying they wouldn’t recommend a poorly designed mobile site to others, it’s important to build with your audience in mind.

Page Speed

Page speed is another important technical factor when building a website, most users expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or faster, with 79% abandoning the page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds. If your website loads slowly, this could impact any potential leads and also SEO, meaning you won’t rank highly due to a slow loading website.


The URL’s are important to your pages, not just for SEO, but for user trust. Make sure your URL is aligned with the page content


This is a great starting point to plan and build your website, which can be continually developed through analytical insight to what your audience prefers.

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