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Supersonic Playground helps launch Huddle Events

Rich Dean, Creative Director

By Rich Dean on

Supersonic Playground Ltd

The owners of Huddle Events have a proven track record in organising successful consumer events with a fun and playful twist, having already created The Pet Show in 2013.

To help them launch the new company, we wanted to create a logo that would be distinctive but also sum up very easily what an events company does best – attract people.

The logo is based around a strong ‘H’ which is surrounded by a constellation of dots – intended to represent people being drawn to something great.

The logo was designed in both portrait and landscape orientations, and was designed to work on both a light and dark background.

Image of Huddle Events portrait logo on white and dark grey Image of Huddle Events landscape logo on white and dark grey

To further emphasise the concept of attracting people, the core palette was intended to have a ‘thermal’ scale, with the dots towards the centre being hotter than those on the outside.

Image of Huddle Events thermal colour palette

We’ve had great feedback from the client and the logo has really helped them to quickly establish themselves as a leader in their industry.

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