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Supersonic Playground rebrands ARC

Rich Dean, Creative Director

By Rich Dean on

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ARC are a leader in the managed print sector and provide businesses of all sizes with multifunction printers, copiers and scanners. They have a strategic partnership with supplier Konica Minolta, and so designing a logo that could sit alongside them was a key part of the brief.

We started the project by conducting broad competitor analysis. We looked at the branding of a wide variety of consumer and corporate electronics companies – both in the same space as Konica Minolta, but also wider afield.

Lots of logos of consumer electronics companies

The research gave us a good insight into what makes a successful logo in this arena. The colours blue, red and black were clearly the most favoured, and simple, clear typography with subtle design features works well to give the logos presence as well as character.

Various initial options of the ARC logo

With the research complete we designed two concepts and presented them to the client. The feedback was very positive, with the first option proving to be the winner, with the arc shape from the second option’s ‘A’ being carried over. The logo sits perfectly with Konica Minolta and it really works to cement the relationship between the two companies.

Image of the final ARC logo next to the Konica Minolta logo

We’re very proud of the end result and so is the client. We’ve had fantastic feedback and it’s been great to see the logo rolled out onto their stationary and workwear.

Image of the final ARC logo

We’re sure the new brand will elevate the company to a much higher level and it will be great to see the successes that follow for ARC.

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