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Supersonic Playground rebrands Scarbutts Printers

Rich Dean, Creative Director

By Rich Dean on

Supersonic Playground Ltd

Scarbutts Printers are a leading print company based in Kent. With more than 50 years in the business, they have a vast experience in providing high quality print services, with a particular specialism in custom binding.

Image of Scarbutts Printers logo printed on paper

With this background in mind, we set about creating a new brand that also conveyed a wider set of core values:

We wanted the logo to have a fresh, modern feel, but we also wanted it to be long lasting and future-proof, not reliant on current trends.

We wanted to create a logo that would embody Scarbutts’ values of being a professional, established, and trusted company.

We wanted to capture Scarbutts’ core ethos – combining colour and paper to create something beautiful.

We wanted Scarbutts to be seen as an approachable company and one that cares about it’s relationships with it’s clients.

We wanted the logo to be playful and disarming, emphasising the friendly nature of the company.

We wanted to achieve tactility and create a logo that would reflect the physical nature of their products.

Final versions of Scarbutts Printers logo on white and dark grey backgrounds

Image of Scarbutts Printers colour palette

To capture the colourful and fun aspect of the business, the final logo centred around a child’s windmill toy with a rainbow palette gradiating through. The playfulness is offset by the use of Gill Sans as a typeface to ensure it is also perceived as professional.

Image of Scarbutts Printers business cards

The logo was designed to work on both a dark and light background, with the light and dark theme continued through the printed stationery to bring about a sense of contrast.

The client is really happy with the end result, and we are too. In the pipeline is a new website that will further convey the company’s sense of fun and approachability. We can’t wait to see it come to fruition and we wish Scarbutts every success with their new brand.

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