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How well do you know your audience?

Amber Harty - SEO, Social and Content Marketing Executive at Supersonic Playground Ltd

By Amber Harty on

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Knowing your audience is a major playing factor when it comes to planning your digital marketing strategy, helping you improve your overall relationship with your audience by knowing exactly who they are.

What’s their demographic?

Your first task when discovering your audience is getting a strong impression of exactly who they are. Are they millennials? Professionals? Stay at home mums? – Once you identify your target audience, their demographic will help define what they typically do on the internet; their behaviours, their interests, preferred channels and times they’re typically online.

What are their online behaviours?

Each demographic acts differently online, a younger audience want information quickly, expecting the answers to be available in a few simple clicks. Older generations will typically be more patient online, giving more time for web pages to load, will read more content and look deeper for what they’re after. Alongside loading times, different demographics have different behaviours when it comes to searching, older generations will often ask full questions as opposed to millennials who will search for one or two key terms.

Where are they online?

When you’re looking at where you should be online, you should focus on where your audience are more likely to be. With each platform targeting different audiences, it’s important to determine where you should be online. If you’re selling fashionable clothes to millennials Instagram is a good starting point, if you’re selling tickets to a conference, focus on LinkedIn, or perhaps you’re a local hairdresser, where being in people’s Facebook feeds would likely work well for your business.

What do they like?

As individuals, people like different things, but when in a demographic group, behaviour can be predicted based on ‘typical behaviour’. The more precise the demographic, the more you can determine what your audience likes. If you’re targeting professionals in the financial industry, they will prefer a formal tone, and useful business tips as apposed to millennials who will prefer humour, emojis and an informal tone.

What are their habits?

People are creatures of habit, and they often repeat their behaviour online. Learning their habits and integrating it into your strategy, will provide the best chance of success.  Looking at current trends, discovering the best times to post for your audience, when they’re more likely to buy, and the time of year that are more popular for specific campaigns, will help tailor your strategy to ensure you’re getting the most traffic and leads for your business.

There’s so much to discovering your audience, that going beyond the basics of ‘who they are’ and considering their personalities, behaviours and habits, will go a long way in influencing your overall marketing strategy. Learning more about your audience will enable you to anticipate their behaviour online, build your tone of voice and build engagement, and hopefully long lasting relationships.

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