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Why content is king

Rich Dean, Creative Director

By Rich Dean on

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It’s become such a popular trope that the phrase ‘content is king’ is now painfully clichéd, but it remains true in terms of your site’s usability, findability, searchability and lots of other words ending in ‘bility’. Essentially it’s a way of differentiating between the way search engines work now and the way they worked a few years back.

You see back in ye olde days, search engines such as Google could be ‘tricked’ into moving you up the rankings by nefarious means such as putting a tonne of keywords in white on a white background or housing a load of irrelevant links. These days however, such underhand tactics will get you booted to the bottom of Google faster than you can say ‘SEO’.

The goal of any search engine nowadays is to create the best possible user experience for you and me, by boosting the rankings of sites that give us what we want. That means that content needs to be relevant, fun, memorable, useful and shareable:

Relevant content means relevant to the customer, not to you. It’s great that you know every technical detail of your product, but all I want to know is: will it work for me?

Over half of all web users spend less than 15 seconds on a web page, basically because the immediacy of the digital age has robbed us of our collective attention sp…HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING? Anyway, the point is that the more interesting and engaging your content, the longer people will stick around.

We are constantly bombarded with media images these days, which means that if your product is going to stand a chance of selling, it needs to be memorable. Great copy, catchy taglines, funny pictures; pretty much anything that makes it stick.

Everybody likes the idea of getting something for nothing so give the people what they want. Tips, tricks and information mean that you’re giving extra to your customers and you’re also positioning yourself as an industry expert. Information is a valuable commodity and you can use it to generate sales.

Social Media is the way forward for all businesses, regardless of your personal feelings on the subject, and creating content that can and will be shared is the easiest and cheapest way to advertise your business. Put Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (etc) links on all your pages and remember that social media is about building a relationship, not outright selling.

Finally, make sure your content is regularly updated; otherwise Google will think the site is dormant and may push you down the rankings. The best way to do this is with a blog or with live streams from your social media.

Creating great content isn’t something that can be done overnight. It takes patience and dedication to make a successful website but if you’re willing to put in the effort then your customers will respect you and your product all the more.

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