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Peoplewise is an award-winning leader in talent management and business psychology, working with organisations worldwide to optimise individual and company potential.

The business challenge

Peoplewise approached Supersonic Playground in 2018. Their existing website was outdated, underperforming, and didn’t reflect their market-leading position. They were seeking a new site to showcase their high-level commercial offering.

The new website also needed to be managed long-term by their internal team, so ease of content management was a top priority. Most importantly, the site needed to reflect Peoplewise’s award-winning ethos and standards to capture the right audience and ultimately help them increase sales of their products, training courses and accreditations.

The solution we provided

We proposed a completely new custom WordPress website with a strong focus on visual design and brand continuity to ensure the new website would deliver the right look and feel with a positive user experience. The new website leverages WordPress to ensure that the Peoplewise team can effortlessly manage its content long-term without development support. The bespoke admin area has also been arranged to prioritise the areas they use most frequently.

The new website also includes an area that allows the client to sell their products and training directly from the site, reducing the steps to purchase while also giving them another revenue stream.

The results

The new website launched in November 2019; since then, the client has reported an increase in traffic and positive feedback from their clients and stakeholders regarding the user experience and design of the site. As a very engaged client with lots of great ideas, we’re working with Peoplewise on ongoing website projects to expand and enhance the new website.

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