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TCP Group provides professional payroll, employment, legal and tax expertise to contractors, employees, agencies, and employers internationally.

The business challenge

TCP Group is a truly international business. They provide services for individuals and organisations across 40 countries globally. When they approached us in early 2019, they wanted to give their website a complete refresh as their old site felt tired and outdated.

They also wanted the new site to cater to all their customers on a personal level, with consideration for cultural differences and local colloquialisms. This meant the new website needed to leverage both multi-site (allowing different versions of the site to be created for other geographic locations) and multi-lingual (allowing multiple languages to be available across each site) functionality.

The solution we delivered

To support TCP with their global expansion plans, we used WordPress to deliver one custom ‘theme’ that we then used to create three duplicate sites for their main geographic locations, each with tailored content based on their origin (Dutch, German, and English). The three websites then harness multi-lingual functionality to ensure each persona is accounted for.

The new website has an entirely modern look and feel that is only fitting of such a forward-thinking global brand. The new TCP website successfully embodies the perfect balance of global presence with a local affinity that makes them approachable and trustworthy.

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