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Custom vs Package brochure websites

Fully custom or affordable and packaged? We compare our websites, so you don’t have to.

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As website design and development specialists, we know that budget is often a key consideration for many business owners and marketers. In this blog, we’ll be comparing our Custom website offering against our Package site to help you make a more informed decision about which is best for your company.

Our custom brochure websites

Our custom websites are exactly that, completely custom and tailored to your needs and the needs of your consumers. Our custom websites begin with a completely blank canvas and then follow a six-phase process as outlined below.

This service is for businesses ready to take the next step with their online offering; to provide seamless user experiences and overtake their competitors. Examples of clients we’ve worked with to produce Custom websites include Future Care Capital, The Bromley Bathroom Company, Friend & Grant and Superior Healthcare.

The process (six phases): 

#1 Discovery and planning

Once we’ve landed a client, we want to get to know them. We want to know your business objectives, your challenges, and who your competitors are. Armed with this information, we can start researching your competition, what they’re doing online, and how they’re speaking to your target audience.

#2 User experience

Now we know your business, it’s time to understand your audience. In this stage, we try to combat misconceptions and confirm assumptions with detailed user research to ensure your website is doing what it’s supposed to and speaks directly to your consumers, giving them what they’re looking for and making them take action. We carry out several UX activities, from card sorting and telephone interviews to A/B testing and design audits during this phase.

#3 Visual design

In this stage, we start to see your website come to life. Taking our learnings from the previous two steps, our designers begin to create your brand’s look and feel with colour, photography, typography and visual flair. Of course, each website is designed with the user in mind, and considerations for responsiveness and brand are also top of mind.

#4 Front-end development

Once the designs are approved, our talented developers start using various coding techniques to build your website with considerations for multiple devices, browsers, speed, optimisation and accessibility. This is the first phase, where we start to see an interactive version of your site.

#5 WordPress development

During this phase, our development team strip out all of the standard WordPress controls to build you a back-end (admin area) tailored to the needs of your business.

#6 Launch

Before we launch your website, we carry out final checks to ensure the site will perform as expected, testing each feature across multiple devices and browsers. Then, once we’re happy that the site is ready, it’s time to hand over the controls.

Our affordable package websites

Our small business package (also known as a ‘template’ website) was built with small to medium business owners in mind.

The biggest difference between our package and custom website offers is that we don’t do the user experience and back-end build with the Package because it’s already been done based on our experiences working on multiple projects across different industries over the years. However, we do still provide branded-custom visuals and custom front-end design.

The site combines attractive design with quality, ensuring speed, high performance, and results. Our package site makes all of these fantastic features accessible to businesses owners and marketers with smaller budgets looking to make an impact.

For this package, we leverage the WordPress platform – the most popular CMS on the market – so that you can rest assured you’ll have a fully supported website, the ability to take it with you and unlimited resources to keep you going post-launch.

Examples of our small business package include AMAT, Burtons Solicitors and Gioconda Rail.

Our small business package includes:

  • Customisation to your branding
  • Fully responsive for all devices
  • Easy to use WordPress admin – giving you and your team full administrative control
  • About page with team profiles
  • Unlimited service pages
  • Unlimited blog posts with social sharing
  • Contact page with email, telephone, address, Google location map and a contact form
  • One year’s hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • On-site admin training
  • Ten high-quality royalty-free stock images

Which is right for your business?

If you’ve got the budget and you want a site tailored to your audience, then our Custom website is for you. Custom sites might take longer to launch, but you know they will perform in the long run, giving your team peace of mind that you’ve done everything to put your consumers at the heart of your website.

If you’re a startup or looking for a cheaper solution, then our Package website is for you. Our experts have hand-crafted our template website to speak to a generic audience, designed with speed and performance in mind.

Our websites come with one year’s free hosting and free training for you and your team. To learn more about how much WordPress websites cost, check out our blog ‘how much does a WordPress website cost.

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