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COVID-19 Business Community Hub Website

Supersonic Playground Launches COVID-19 Community Website to Support Kent & Medway Growth Hub

3 minute read

Last Friday, the Supersonic Playground team were proud to launch the COVID-19 Business Support Hub website for Kent & Medway Growth Hub (KMGH) and Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce (KICC).

The project was proposed following the launch of the business hotline run by KMGH: a telephone number for business owners to call to discuss their concerns surrounding the current pandemic. The hotline received more than 560 call-backs in the first 48 hours. Due to its popularity and a lack of resources immediately available, Kent & Medway Growth Hub teamed up with KICC to discuss a community hub that would host valuable content online for local businesses; relieving the strain on the hotline.

In the spirit of community, the website allows contributors (volunteering businesses) to log in and upload content in the form of blogs, videos and downloadable PDFs. All of which contain free advice for other business owners or members of the public to consume, including a wide range of topics ranging furloughing, accountancy, insurance or legal matters. We also designed and integrated a Q&A area which allows members of the public to ask questions via the hub and for contributors to go in and answer those questions specifically and personally while also ensuring this information is freely available to other members of the public and business community too. We also added a comments section to each of the blogs, which will allow users to leave their thoughts or questions directly on individual blogs or articles to spark a conversation on that particular topic.

To support this initiative, we’ve leveraged our Small Business Website Package to create the site in just 14 days. The site needed to be a resource hub for businesses concerned about the impact of COVID-19, so we needed to incorporate a strong community feel which is why we recommended the Q&A section as an add on for the client. We also gave them the ability to manage user roles so that the contributors could log in and upload the content themselves; taking the admin strain away from KMGH and KICC while still allowing them to moderate the content where appropriate to maintain quality, consistency and professionalism.

“We were honoured when the team at Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce approached us to deliver this project for them. We’ve built a strong relationship and have been working alongside them for the last two years since we launched the main Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce website. So, we were definitely up for the challenge of delivering something that will support the local business community in such a tight turnaround. 

“Ironically, it’s not often we create a website that we hope won’t be around for very long. As businesses all across the UK continue to fight the pandemic, we really hope that this crisis will be over as soon as possible and that the need for the COVID-19 Business Community Support Hub website will be short-lived, although we were thrilled to be a part of its creation and we hope that it will provide a real benefit to our fellow local businesses.” – Supersonic Playground Creative Director & Founder, Rich Dean. 

“We are delighted with the speed and professionalism of Rich and his team. This site will play an important part in the Growth Hub’s response to the crisis and we are grateful for their quick delivery.” – Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Deputy CEO and Growth Hub Manager, Tudor Price

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