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User Experience

We blend business goals with customer needs to create user experiences that are intuitive and memorable

Our inclusive design process achieves the best results by ensuring that both you and your customers are involved throughout the design process

Creating an exceptional user experience is more than just the visual appeal. We employ a range of techniques to ensure that whatever your business objectives are, your customers have an experience that is appealing and easy.

  • Persona Creation

  • Card Sorting

  • User Stories

  • Wireframes

  • Navigation Testing

  • Interactive Prototyping

  • User Journeys

  • A/B and Multivariate Testing

Successful user experience is a three-way process

The best results are achieved when all parties are engaged and active in the design process – we call this three-way thinking as it involves leveraging three levels of expertise:

  1. Your deep understanding of your business and the markets in which you operate
  2. Our considerable expertise in web design and web development best practices
  3. Your customers honest and insightful needs, wants and desires

This three-way collaborative mind-set ensures your new website will perform to its optimum potential, providing you with maximum return on investment and avoiding the potential risks and cost implications of launching with an untried and untested solution.

We always recommend involving your customers throughout the design process, and we employ a range of techniques to glean insightful feedback from your customers including A/B and multivariate testing, stakeholder interviews, questionnaires and various user testing methodologies to ensure that the final website is intuitive and user friendly.

How we understand your customer’s needs

Analytics tools give us great insight into how your customers use your website. We use real data to help us identify areas that could be improved. Real world testing then enables us to actually experience the website through your customers eyes. We can then iterate and improve the website, resulting in increased conversions and a better return on your investment.

How our user experience services can benefit your business

  • Gain a deeper level of understanding how your customers engage with your website

  • Iterate and test until you’re sure you have the right solution

  • Avoid the risk of wasting money on an untested solution that might not work

  • Create memorable experiences for you customers by understanding what they want to achieve

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User Experience

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