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3 reasons why website speed matters

Have you ever been on a website that takes so long to load that in the end you just give up? We’ve all been there. And that is why website speed matters. Slow websites kill conversions, and in this piece, we’ll tell you why.

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1. Long load times increase bounce rate

Think with Google’s research tells us that the longer your page takes to load, the higher the bounce rate:

  • 1-3 seconds = bounce increase of 32%
  • 1-5 seconds = bounce increase of 90%
  • 1-6 seconds = bounce increase of 106%
  • 1-10 seconds = bounce increase of 123%

Those are some pretty high probabilities, especially when you consider that the average website takes about 15 seconds to load. Google suggests that to follow best practice, both your mobile and desktop site should load in under 3 seconds. If you’re wondering how long your website takes to load, why not test it using Google’s PageSpeed tool.

2. First impressions count

One survey tells us that 79% of respondents said they wouldn’t return to a website that had poor speed performance. We already know that users are demanding more immersive, personalised experiences than ever before, but now businesses need to be delivering this, fast.

Make sure your key landing pages have appropriately sized images and optimised JavaScript and CSS. If you’re not sure about this, speak to your development agency. You should also keep your 301 redirects to a minimum as these can also slow your website down.

3. It’ll impact your ranking

In the long run, a slow website will negatively impact your website’s ranking in search results. This is because search engines such as Google are working hard to return the best experience for users. If your site continuously loads slowly, your bounce rate will be high, and this tells Google that your website isn’t providing a positive experience. Therefore, the sites that are providing great experiences, fast, will be prioritised above yours in the results for the same terms.

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