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Return on Investment (ROI) is a crucial factor in business owners’ decision-making when investing, and a new website is no different. Whether you’re trying to make your mind up or convince your boss that it’s time to give your site a new lease of life, we’ve outlined our five proven ways a new website will deliver ROI.

#1 Improved efficiency

One of the most common challenges our prospective clients encounter is the lack of internal ability to manage and maintain their website. Typically, this results from an overly complicated and unfriendly admin area and inadequate CMS training, resulting in a lack of confidence in using the system and endless hours spent trying to make simple changes.

With this in mind, a custom WordPress website built to your specific requirements will deliver a tailored admin area, organising all of your content in a way that is intuitive, easy to use and navigable to even the most novice users. Our custom WordPress websites increase efficiency by giving teams the confidence and flexibility they need quickly edit, manage and publish content at ease.

#2 Less reliance on third-party developers

Another common challenge we see clients facing is the complete inability to creatively improve and change their website without a developer, creating an over-reliance on external resources and unnecessary costs.

To overcome this, we encourage clients to opt for something like our WordPress Modular Content Builder. It’s designed to give website owners increased creative freedom, flexibility and the ability to create new pages quickly. Website admins can create pages by mixing and matching a series of pre-designed editorial components. A new site built with a Modular Builder will increase your team’s creative ability and reduce your reliance on developers, therefore reducing your monthly spend.

#3 Reduced cost of ownership

Over time, user behaviours change, and additional content, features and regular software updates can make a site creek. This is when the website will start to look dated, and you’ll begin to notice performance issues, particularly if the website has been created cheaply or to low standards.

The average lifespan for a website is around 2-3 years, with budget options lasting a lot less. Investing in a high-quality, custom WordPress website can considerably extend this lifespan and reduce the overall cost of ownership by ensuring you don’t need to replace the site as frequently.

Our custom WordPress websites go through a robust process that can include a detailed discovery phase highlighting your internal challenges, your target market’s needs, and what your competitors are doing. In completing this research, we can build your site to the highest standards with consideration for content management and design freedom and flexibility. Each of these areas makes it easier for you to scale your site, improving its overall lifespan.

#4 More business opportunities

A fairly obvious one, but a new website should help you deliver ROI through generating more business opportunities, whether this is increased product sales, brochure downloads, enquiries, leads or sales.

A custom website will consider your potential customers and optimise the user journey to reduce friction and increase conversions. ROI should follow as a direct result of this insight, as users will be able to effortlessly flow through your site to find the information they need before enquiring. 

#5 Increased levels of trust and credibility

Clients often underestimate visual design and its importance in the whole website process, but its impact is significant. Merely having a website isn’t enough; the design is integral in your ability to get your message across and convince users to get in touch with you.

Our custom WordPress websites follow a strategic customer-led and design-first approach. Our team uses their learnings from the discovery stage to create compelling visual designs that establish trust and credibility while embodying your business’ core values and messaging. When designed with these areas in mind, your website will produce improved ROI through its ability to amplify your message and garner your users’ trust.

Client case study: buy cheap, buy twice

Due diligence is vital with any big purchase. At the buying stage, we encourage clients to think long-term about their investment, especially in understanding what they’re getting for their money.

Our client had previously spent around £5k with another agency on what they thought would be a good custom website. However, post-launch, they discovered that not only had the site been created to a less-than-perfect standard, but they also had very little ability to edit the content. This meant they relied on the previous agency to make even the simplest of changes which came at a cost; they were committed to a £400 a month maintenance contract, which made that £5k initial investment suddenly £20-£30k over the 3–5-year lifespan of the site.

We worked with the client to deliver them a brand-new, custom WordPress site. While it did cost them £10k, the new site has been created to a much high visual and technical standard and gives the client complete control of all content with a bespoke admin area that makes the editing process much more streamlined than before. As a result, the client has a site that delivers on its investment with no maintenance contract and the ability to make any amends they require without our help.

If you’d like to learn more about how a new site could deliver ROI for your business, please get in touch. Or, if you’d like to stay in the loop with our weekly insights, then register for our newsletter.

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