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Future Care Capital (FCC), is a charity think tank which delivers innovative research in the health and social care industry to shed light on best practice, using analytical data and insights to drive innovation. As a company, they use their voice to get involved in debates for moving health and social care forward to improve health and social care. They aim to bring together policymakers and practitioners to engage in topical conversation and encourage them to take a new approach to health and social care.

Launched in 2017, Future Care Capital was derived from the National Nursery Examination Board (1945) and the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education (1994).

The business challenge

Future Care Capital first approached Supersonic Playground in late 2019 as they’d decided it was time for a new website since theirs’ hadn’t been updated since the charity’s launch in 2017.

Following feedback from stakeholders, trustees and partners, FCC found that the site was too clinical, didn’t reflect their values, was outdated and difficult to navigate, thus creating the focus for the new website.

The new site was also to be part of a brand refresh that the client was undergoing, giving clarity around their positioning, values, and tone of voice. FCC was already producing lots of great inbound content, but they needed a site that would allow them to amend the presentation to make blogs more engaging instead of lots of content on a page.

Furthermore, the backend of the old FCC site was overly complicated, riddled with bugs and made uploading documents and embedding videos a challenge. The new website needed to combat all of its existing issues and make way for a brand re-launch that would make waves in the industry.

The solution we delivered

We leveraged the WordPress platform to create a completely custom website for Future Care Capital. WordPress was an obvious choice for the Content Management System (CMS). Not only is it our favourite, but it was also the best fit; easy to use, intuitive and powerful.

Our team created the new website using a modular builder, enabling the client to make ongoing content and structural changes within the CMS and, most importantly, without any development help. The modular builder works as a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor to streamline the webpage building process and ensure the site is created from a set of components already developed by our team. In addition, this builder removes any chance of creating pages, not in keeping with the original design.

We were also able to personalise the backend of the WordPress admin in a way that made it easier for content editors to locate the area of the site they were looking to update and manage all of the fantastic content they have.

Lastly, the new visuals give Future Care Capital the professional, corporate edge they were looking for without being too clinical or too cluttered. The new structure also clearly defines the different areas of the site using vibrant colours to differentiate where you are in the navigation when browsing, making the user experience far more seamless and intuitive, which is crucial when working with a content-heavy site.

The results

The new website was launched in early 2020 and has seen a significant rise in user engagement and keyword ranking. We look forward to reporting on the website’s first year of success in 2021.

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