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Walter Geering is one of the leading suppliers of bedroom and bathroom products in the hospitality industry. They specialise in ensuring hotels, universities, B&Bs, and hospitals have access to high-quality products at an honest price. With a focus on customer satisfaction and saving the environment, Walter Geering sells its very own luxury range of products packaged in either biodegradable or recyclable materials.

It’s also interesting to note that the business was founded by Walter Geering in 1903 as a printing press, since then they’ve dabbled in photocopiers and individual hospitality products including bespoke shoe-shining cloths. Over the years, the business has continued to evolve with the expansion into other hospitality products such as toiletries and bed linen and the family continues to honour the original entrepreneur.

The business challenge

Walter Geering first approached Supersonic Playground in February 2019. Their website wasn’t performing; their traffic was low, and they had little to no conversions. At the time, all of their business was coming in through outbound marketing activity, and existing clients weren’t using the site as their account-specific pricing meant they couldn’t use it to make online purchases.

Overall, the site was clunky and simple tasks such as search and navigation were unnecessarily challenging. The biggest cause for concern for Walter Geering was that their brand perception wasn’t oozing luxury, nor were they standing out as a high-end provider in their industry. The website they had was letting them down.

The solution we delivered

To overcome their digital challenges, we proposed a complete overhaul of their existing website. This included an updated visual design that would consider and respect their core values: heritage, luxury and environmental awareness. We achieved this by moving the client away from dark visuals to the lighter, more open aesthetic they have now. These designs showcase luxury photography; making the site more appealing but also making it clear what the brand stands for, their luxurious nature, what they do and who their target market is, from the moment you land on any page. Often overlooked, visual design has a huge impact on how long users spend on a website, and the old cliché’ first impressions count’ really comes into play online, with things such as attention to detail and positioning helping to instil trust with users.

During our initial conversations, Walter Geering also highlighted the tiers of clientele they service which meant they required different price points for each, and, as a result, existing clients weren’t able to leverage the site to make orders. To tackle this, we introduced role-based discounting, this functionality allows the Walter Geering team to assign specific accounts with a bronze, silver or gold status which will then display the correct prices when that user logs in. The feature is a win-win for both Walter Geering and their customers; not only does it free up their service teams from answering calls for repeat orders, but clients can now place orders at a time that suits them.

The results

We work in partnership with Sleeping Giant Media, who is responsible for the SEO and PPC work that Walter Geering do, to ensure the Walter Geering website continues to deliver growth and tangible results for the client.

Since the launch of the site in August 2019, we have seen some significant organic growth YoY (year on year) in the following areas:

  • Sessions: up 87.78% (6,899 vs 3,674)
  • New Users: up 87.70% (4,473 vs 2,383)
  • Pages/ Session: up 4.76%

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