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The importance of content marketing-01

The importance of content marketing

Don’t underestimate the importance of content and the lasting impact it can have on brand advocacy.

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Content marketing has always held an important role for marketers, from white papers and press releases to social posts and website content. Below we explore why it’s a critical component of successful marketing in today’s market.

Content builds brand

Creating consistent and compelling content will enable your brand to be heard above the competition. Not only this, but regular content establishes trust with your target audience, giving them an insight into your business as usual (BAU) as well as a sense of your personality. Today’s consumers want to feel connected to your company. Sharing content that aligns with your values highlights your humanity, and these personal connections are what keep you top of mind.

Content increases organic traffic

The best way to get found online is through a search engine like Google or Bing, and the best way to ensure you’re getting picked up by these search engines is with content. So focus on writing engaging content that answers the questions your clients regularly ask about your business and by tackling the challenges within your industry, from hot topics to the elephant in the room.

Content doesn’t expire

Once published, your content is here to stay, forever. It doesn’t have an expiry date and can continue to drive traffic to your site year after year. Unlike a sponsored post or magazine advert, content costs little to produce. Once it’s out there, it doesn’t need continuous renewals to generate impact.

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Content is your greatest sale tool

Content is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and requires no payment, no sick and holiday days and no out of hours calls. It’s there to be consumed by potential prospects at their leisure, meaning you can generate quality leads day and night. Not only this, but the more a visitor browses your content, the more you can learn about them, their interests and their buying potential, making your first phone call all the more informed.

Content nurtures relationships

If you follow a customer-centric approach to your content strategy, then you’ll be more likely to form brand advocates. Content tells your prospects that they can trust you. Good content marketing reassures your customers that they made the right choice and builds your brand’s credibility within your industry.

Your competitors are doing it

With content on everyone’s minds, it’s safe to say that if you’re not doing it, your competitors are. And if you want to keep up with them and the needs of your consumers, you need to too.

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