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4 tips to optimise brand exposure online-01

4 tips to optimise brand exposure online

With the likes of Facebook and Google making it increasingly difficult to get organic brand exposure online, you must optimise your online presence.

4 minute read

#1 Don’t underestimate content

Inbound marketing is the way forward for brands looking to get their name out there. Content marketing gives businesses a platform to share their experiences, ideas, thoughts, and opinions in blogs and videos. Not only does content tell your audience what your brand is all about, but it also helps establish trust and drives relevant traffic to your website.

Create a content bank with questions your sales and client-facing team regularly get asked, then create blogs, how-to-guides, gated content and videos answering these. You could even get other industry experts or clients to guest blog for your website in a bid to form credibility with your readers. Ultimately, the more relevant content you have, the more traffic your website will receive, and the more Google will see your website as a source of quality content, ranking you higher in relevant results.

#2 Combine your SEO and PPC efforts

If you search for just about anything on Google, you’ll see that at least three adverts appear at the very top of the page, closely followed by several organic results sandwiched by another two or three adverts at the bottom. Of course, we all know if you’re not on the first page of results, then you’re not getting click-throughs. However, with the number of organic spots shrinking, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a first-page position.

To combat this, try going after long-tail key terms in your SEO strategy, as this is where the user’s intent is more explicit. For example, rather than ‘desks’, you might want to go after ‘office corner desks’ or ‘premium white gloss desks.’ The more specific the user’s search is, the further along the purchasing funnel they will be. With this in mind, you’ll also want to gear your content up to match these terms. It’s all well and good knowing that you want to appear in the results, but you’ll need to prove your worth to Google with relevant content. Pair that with a PPC strategy that’s showcasing dedicated landing pages with keyword-rich terms, learning from your SEO performance, and you’ll soon find yourself creeping up the rankings. Many brands fall into the trap of just focusing on either SEO or PPC, but the results tell us repeatedly that the more you use one to inform the other, the more success you’ll have.

Learn more about SEO and PPC.

#3 Make sure your website is performing

Poor websites don’t convert. If your traffic is low or your conversions are slipping, you might need to look at how your website is performing. Does your website take too long to load? Do you lack relevant, engaging content? Is your design on brand, or is it confusing and misleading? Are you making it clear what you want the user to do next and clearing the path to conversion?

Before you get carried away with SEO, PPC or content, you’ll need a website primed for users. A strong website will deliver quality user experiences that convert and provide ROI, all while being fast, secure and easy to use. Next, gather some insights about your website’s performance using tools such as HotJarPageSpeed and even by conducting a series of user interviews. Armed with this data, you’ll be ready to make informed decisions to transform your website and enhance your exposure.

#4 Get out there on social

Even if you’re not on social media platforms, your competitors, customers and prospects are. Ignoring them means you have no control over the conversation regarding your brand or other industry-related topics.

Get yourself a scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to batch your posts ahead of time. Then, set up alerts or use a social listening tool to make sure you’re involved in topics that impact your brand. Social is a great way to control the conversation and engage with your network in a light-hearted and fun way.

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