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Ways to bolster your brochure website-01

Ways to bolster your brochure website

Looking to stand out with your brochure website?

4 minute read

When designing a brochure website, it’s crucial to think about its purpose. What is the website’s aim, and what content will you be using to achieve your goals? A brochure website doesn’t have to feel static, 2D, or plain. Instead, your site should be a platform that facilitates two-way communication with your target audience. Below we explore eight ways you can bolster your brochure website and stand out from the crowd.

#1 Use of CTAs

Your pages should already include clear calls-to-action (CTAs) that slowly push users through your sales funnel. However, you might also want to consider ‘sitewide CTAs’ such as your email address, telephone number, or a ‘get in touch’ button in your website’s masthead so that they appear on every page. We discuss how to turn your brochure website into a converting channel in more detail here.

#2 Multiple avenues for connecting

Your site needs to open up the ability for two-way communication with users. Since no one contact method will suit everyone, it’s best to include different avenues for users to get in touch with you. This could consist of live chat functionality or chatbots, enquiry forms, a sticky widget with a pop-up form, links to your social page or Zendesk, as well as traditional methods like emails and telephone numbers.

#3 Considered navigation

Your website navigation should be simple, straightforward, and easy to digest. However, sometimes creativity can overcomplicate this element. Your organisation’s desire to ‘break the mould’ should be balanced with the default layout and language commonly used as it is easier for users to understand.

#4 Trust and reassurance

While your brochure website might not be an eCommerce shop, it still needs to instil trust in users. You can achieve this by displaying the logos and testimonials of clients you’ve worked with, examples of your work along with statistics (if relevant), awards you’ve won or been shortlisted for, or even external reviews from platforms like Feefo or TrustPilot.

#5 Sitewide search

Site search isn’t reserved for big content-heavy websites. Search can also bolster even the most basic brochure sites, and predictive search provides an even more seamless user experience for those users who know what they’re looking for.

#6 Say it quick

Does your site quickly communicate what you do for your customers? Brands often overthink this element with long expansive paragraphs that add unnecessary fluff to what they do. Your intro needs to be punchy. Be sure to review the most popular landing pages to ensure each of these contains a quick introduction into who you are, without all the fluff.

#7 Speed and performance

Everyone knows that speed is critical for website performance, so be sure to run yours through vigorous testing. However, it is essential to note that there will always be a trade-off between features and speed that you need to be aware of during the build process. It’s also worth noting that while free themes and plugins might seem like a cost-effective way to deliver a site quickly and affordably, it might not be the best and most professional way to showcase your business.

#8 Homepage signposting

Your homepage should act as a hub for users, signposting them to relevant areas of your website such as blogs, events, case studies or services. Typically, your homepage will be the top landing page for your website, so it needs to make a good impression while not overloading the user. Therefore, your introduction and core offering should be the focus of this page.

Key takeaways

There are many things you can do to make your website stand out from the crowd, including your use of CTAs, the speed of your site, a punchy opening statement, and clear navigation.

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