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What is an SSL certificate?-01

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate, or Secure Socket Layer certificate, is a small file that creates a secure connection between your web server and a user’s browser.

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Once the SSL certificate has been installed on your server, it activates the padlock and HTTPS protocol. You may have seen the HTTP or HTTPS before your URL, i.e. – the addition of the ‘s’ in ‘https’ stands for ‘secure’ and tells users that the connection is safe. You might have also seen a green search bar or small padlock in your browser, telling you that the webpage is secure.

Why have an SSL certificate? 

A few years ago, the only websites with secure connections were eCommerce businesses that wanted to provide encrypted transactions for their customers. Nowadays, it’s a requirement for all websites.

In 2014, Google began prioritising sites with SSL certificates, meaning that they started to rank them higher in search results than websites that didn’t have an SSL certificate. Other benefits of purchasing an SSL certificate include:

  • Keeping your data secure
  • Reducing the risk of hacking, therefore, enhancing your site’s security
  • Enhancing customer trust
  • Increasing eCommerce purchases

Some browsers will flag websites without an SSL certificate as insecure, blocking access and warning users against visiting them, which is obviously not good for website traffic or search rankings.

All in all, the benefits of having an SSL certificate strongly out way the costs. As for the disadvantages, there really aren’t any. So, if you haven’t already got an SSL certificate on your website, we strongly recommend speaking to your web agency or hosting provider and organising an SSL certificate as a priority.

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