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Lecenté is one of the leading professional nail suppliers in the UK. They distribute their products worldwide and pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability and working exclusively with ‘good ingredients.’ Since its launch in 2011, Lecenté has grown exponentially. They have developed a solid following with their target audience through both the manufacturing and supply of nail products and their highly-rated training programme.

The business challenge

Lecenté approached Supersonic Playground in summer 2020 after experiencing concerns with their previous website, which had been built on a tight budget and had helped them launch the business. Although it had been created using WordPress and WooCommerce, the site was not built to a high standard and was hard for customers to use and for staff to maintain.

Lecenté had grown considerably since the site was initially launched, so it was not reflective of their newfound positioning and industry reputation. The site also made internal processes around product sales and newsletter signups overly complicated, putting a strain on their internal team. Overall, they had doubts about whether WordPress and WooCommerce was the right platform for them.

The solution we delivered

To support Lecenté with its growth objectives, we managed to assuage their concerns around WordPress and WooCommerce. We recommended our eCommerce Package Website – one of our pre-created websites which leverages WooCommerce and WordPress to deliver all the must-haves when creating an online shop at an affordable price. We also worked closely with the client to scope some key additional features to further enhance the new website without the client needing to pay for a more expensive, custom site.

One of the core focuses of this project was the admin area. We produced a backend that would enable the Lecenté team to automate many of the previously manual processes, helping them save time and resources while also making the entire user experience of the admin area smoother and easier to navigate.

As part of our ongoing conversations with the client, we also identified an opportunity to incorporate an online learning management system (LMS), centralising their content to produce a new source of revenue via the website, which has since become their ‘online academy.’ This feature gives users access to workshops, training guides, videos and worksheets, all accessible via the secure portal, which becomes available upon purchase.

The entire site has received a visual facelift, elevating Lecenté’s position as thought leaders and industry experts. An improved user experience has completely re-imagined the user journey, providing a seamless path to purchase and removing dead ends that were previously losing them business.

The results

We launched the new Lecenté website just in time for Black Friday, and the site not only beat their previous biggest month’s revenue by 41% in the first month, but it also achieved 100% uptime for the first time ever during a product launch.

The new website has also seen a 162% increase in page views, a 61% increase in sessions and a significant reduction in bounce rate from 42% of all traffic to just 19.5%.

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