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How to turn your brochure website into a converting channel-01

How to turn your brochure website into a converting channel

Brochure websites aren’t designed just to be pretty; they’re created to convert – here’s how.

4 minute read

If you’ve recently launched a brochure website (a site that doesn’t allow people to purchase via eCommerce) or are looking to, then you’re in the right place. In this piece, we’re going to be exploring the steps you can take to turn your new brochure website into a trackable and converting channel.

#1 Track performance

The first step is to ensure that your website’s performance is measured. You need to be monitoring specific KPIs if you want to track growth over time. We recommend using Google Analytics to record your site’s weekly:

  • Conversions (via Goals)
  • Traffic (and the referral source)
  • Top landing pages

Top tip: If you keep a note of these in a spreadsheet, it will be easier for you to measure week on week growth and seasonal peaks and troughs.

#2 Determine the website’s role

Your new website plays a key role in the sales funnel for prospective clients or customers, and it’s important to understand what this looks like for your business so you can effectively maximise the website’s performance.

For example, using the RACE model, we know that your site needs to:

  • REACH – new people by leveraging channels such as SEO, PPC and Social.
  • Encourage users to ACT – with straightforward user journeys and calls-to-action.
  • CONVERT – new opportunities.
  • ENGAGE – clients long-term to increase loyalty and advocacy.

#3 Capitalise on content

A blog or content area on your site is a great way to tick your RACE objectives. New content will help boost search rankings, while relevant content can engage clients and encourage users to act. Your blog will also give you the content to target your audience outside your website’s reach via email and social media. Content can also help position your organisation as a thought leader in your industry, helping to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

#4 Maximise conversion opportunities

Your website was built to convert. Therefore, clever use of calls-to-action and data capture is essential, including:

Gated content

Hiding added-value content such as eBooks, reports, extensive guides, and whitepapers behind a form allows for a valuable exchange of data that will enable you to follow up with those that choose to download the content in whichever way you wish.

Subscription emails

If you produce regular blog content, this can be distributed via email marketing, and what better way to convert users than by encouraging them to subscribe so that they can hear more? In addition, emails are a great way to keep clients engaged and build rapport with those who aren’t quite ready to buy but still appreciate your advice.

Live chat

Installing live chat on your website can allow prospects to drop you a message in real-time without committing to a follow-up. This step can help reduce fears, answer questions, and qualify the lead without sending emails back and forth.

Give something away

In a similar way to the gated content method, offering a free consultation or audit is a great way to encourage prospects to leave their details in exchange for something valuable. This method is a little more personal and arguably can help qualify the opportunity more effectively.


Creating things like webinar series can help give users something to convert into from your website. Webinars are a great lead generation tool that helps to boost your business’ presence while allowing you to follow up in a far warmer way than a basic form submission.

Key takeaways

Your website is more than just a pretty storefront. To successfully leverage your site as a marketing tool, you’ll need to measure and track its performance, determine its role in the sale funnel and produce content in line with your objectives. Clear user journeys will encourage action from users in the form of downloads, registrations, form submissions or other means, depending on your goals.

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