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WordPress Development

Building on the world’s most popular content management system

The world loves WordPress, and we do too. More than 60 million websites worldwide are built on WordPress, making it by far the most popular and well-supported platform; perfect for your new custom WordPress website.

Once we’ve completed our user experience and visual design phases and the front end development work is under way, we’ll make a start on building your completely new WordPress installation. Acting as the content management system and the layer between you and your new website, this will power your new responsive custom WordPress website.

WordPress has been our platform of choice since our company was created, and it’s the only content management system that we use. WordPress gives us so much flexibility – from brochure websites to fully fledged online shops, we can’t think of a better platform to use. We’ve created everything from simple one-page websites for clients who are just finding their feet, right up to industry leading £million turnover eCommerce powerhouses like Hopes Grove Nurseries who sell thousands of products.

Every custom WordPress website that we create is lovingly hand-crafted by our talented in-house team. We strip out all of the standard themes and plugins, and customise the WordPress admin to be just the way we want it, using only a handful of carefully selected plugins.

We also know that having an easy-to-use WordPress admin area is just as important to our clients as how it looks to their customers. That’s why we take the time to ensure the WordPress admin area is super simple to use. We often tell new clients that if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use one of our websites.

This also makes maintaining your custom WordPress website easy to do on an ongoing basis. While we do offer a range of options for ongoing WordPress maintenance, the majority of our clients find it really easy to manage and maintain their custom WordPress website themselves. We also offer free training as part of every project, as well as one year’s fast and secure WordPress hosting.

Another benefit of WordPress is that it’s really easy to integrate with other leading online platforms, making it super simple to extend your new custom WordPress website by linking it with CRMs, payment providers, email marketing systems and more.

Supersonic Playground have a proven track record in delivering high-performing, KPI-beating responsive custom WordPress websites. Nobody does WordPress like we do, and you can trust us to deliver your new custom WordPress website that will last for years.

WordPress development tasks

Below are just some of the tasks that we can undertake as part of your new responsive custom WordPress website project to make sure that the website is cutting edge and built to last.

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