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Custom WordPress websites from Supersonic Playground

Custom Websites

Custom WordPress development services

A step up from Package Websites, our Custom Websites are tailored to your business requirements and are designed to stand out from the crowd and give you the WOW factor. Take your site to the next level by implementing a market-leading custom web design solution with Supersonic Playground.


Custom websites can offer a number of advantages over other types of web development. Firstly, they allow for greater flexibility and control in terms of design since the whole site is built from scratch according to your exact specifications. It means that you can create exactly the type of website that you need, with features tailored to your individual requirements. Additionally, custom websites are usually more secure than other solutions since the code is written specifically for your site, making it much harder for malicious third-parties to exploit any vulnerabilities. Finally, custom websites can be easier to maintain in the long run since they are designed with scalability and future growth in mind, meaning that you will be able to quickly and easily make changes and upgrades as needed. All of these benefits combine to make custom websites a great option for businesses looking to create an effective online presence.

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Leveraging WordPress

WordPress is an industry-leading CMS platform used by many of the top businesses worldwide. A platform renowned for having exceptional user-friendliness (even for beginners) whilst being flexible enough to meet changing needs; WordPress has become an integral part of our custom web design service offering helping us in the delivery of hundreds of high-performingKPI-beatingresponsive custom websites.

We start by developing a deep understanding of your business and the markets that you operate in. We then use this as the base to create a fully responsive custom website that is completely unique and tailored to your business.

Why we use WordPress

Custom WordPress and WooCommerce eCommerce website for Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce shown on an iPad by Supersonic Playground

Meeting your exact requirements

Tailored to you, whatever your business

Whether you’re a start-up looking to take your first steps online, or an established business looking to reach the next level, we can offer the perfect custom website to help you reach new heights in the digital space. Our team of custom WordPress development experts have created industry-leading sites across a plethora of fields. Want to find out about some of the businesses we’ve worked with? Check out some of our past projects below:

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Interactive prototyping from Supersonic Playground Interactive prototyping from Supersonic Playground
Package WordPress websites from Supersonic Playground Package WordPress websites from Supersonic Playground

Looking for a great website at a lower cost?

Our pre-built package websites are a cost-effective alternative to a fully custom WordPress website.

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