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WordPress website hosting from Supersonic Playground

Website Hosting

Fast, stable and secure hosting

We’ve partnered with WP Engine as our platform of choice to offer affordable WordPress hosting that is fast, secure and stable, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your visitors have the best possible experience.

From just £325 per year ex VAT

Once your new website is ready for the world to see, it’s vital that it lives on a WordPress website hosting platform that is solid, stable, fast and secure. You’ve just invested in a new WordPress website, so why scrimp on hosting?

Poor website hosting can have major consequences for businesses, from diminishing customers and customers’ trust to a serious impact on the company’s bottom line. It can also lead to slow loading websites, unresponsive customer service, and even downtime due to server outages or crashes. If a business relies heavily on its online presence, these issues could be devastating.

We make the process of choosing the right WordPress website hosting easy. In fact, we’ve already done all the hard work for you. We scoured the industry to find a WordPress hosting provider that offered the best platform to host our client’s websites, and that’s why we’ve chosen WP Engine, the market-leading WordPress hosting company.

WP Engine hosting from Supersonic Playground

We include 1 year’s WP Engine WordPress hosting* with all of our new WordPress websites, and we develop right on the server where the website will live, meaning your new WordPress website will be built to the very latest standards.

Fast to load

Speed is key when it comes to websites, users have short attention spans and getting them where they want to go quickly can make all the difference in cultivating a conversion. Through our WP Engine hosting server, we guarantee speedy loading for an overall better user experience; naturally, this will also help with your search rankings!

Safe and secure

SSL and HTTPS come as standard, and WP Engine’s proprietary intrusion detection and prevention system blocks millions of attacks every day. Your WordPress site will be safe and secure, giving your visitors a greater level of confidence. While key for any type of site, these security features make WP Engine especially attractive to businesses using WooCommerce websites as well as those that store sensitive user data.

Regular backups

WP Engine comes with regular daily backups built-in, so even if the worst does happen, we can roll back to a previous version. You can rest assured that you’ll never lose your new WordPress website.

*WP Engine hosting is free for the first year on all new WordPress websites, and then £325+VAT per year, renewed annually on the anniversary of the website’s launch, charged on a per-year basis. You’re not tied into any contract so you can move your website away to another hosting company if you wish, but unfortunately, we cannot refund any unused hosting if you do decide to move away.

To find out more about our WordPress website hosting solution and how WP Engine hosting can cater to your business requirements, speak to a member of the Supersonic Playground team.

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