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Family Rights Group is a well-established charity that focuses on helping families or those connected with children who have been taken into the care system. Founded in 1974 by a group of lawyers, social workers, and academics, they put children at the heart of all their work, offer advice to parents and kinship carers, and provide training and consultancy for local authorities.

Family Rights Group also lobbies for legislative and policy changes and has been instrumental in several regulative changes and initiatives within the industry.

The business challenge

When the team at Family Rights Group reached out to us in 2019, they were looking for a completely new website to support their mission of providing free information and advice to families and professionals.

Their existing website had been in existence for many years and had become bloated and complex for visitors to find the information they needed. By its nature, the website is a content-heavy information hub covering a broad range of subjects, with new content being added and existing content requiring constant updates due to changes in legislation. Over time, this had meant the site had become unwieldy and difficult to navigate for visitors and the client. Since many members of the public use the website as a resource, the information must be clear and easy to locate, so we were brought on board to comprehensively overhaul the user experience of the website as part of a broader rebrand and website redevelopment project.

The solution we delivered

As part of the website project, we worked with Family Rights Group on a complete branding update, including a new logo to make the brand feel more modern, friendly, and approachable. We also carried out a content audit and card sorting session to determine the best new site structure and where content cuts could be made. We reached out to key stakeholders and leveraged their insights as part of a user research phase to help inform our decisions around content restructuring and user experience design.

Our team then delivered a completely new custom WordPress website, including an eCommerce bolt-on that allows FRG to sell publications and videos via their site. The website also leverages our Modular Content Builder, which gives Family Rights Group an extra level of creative freedom and flexibility and allows them to maintain their website in-house without additional development support.

Before launching the new site, we also carried out a Treejack survey to live-test the new navigation structure with users to ensure key information was easy to locate.


The new website was launched in March 2021 and has garnered positive feedback from internal and external stakeholders. The Supersonic Playground team were also delighted to receive a glowing review (shown below) from the FRG team, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

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