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The Importance of Integrating SEO Within Your Web Design Project

4 minute read

Your web developers have just completed your website project, it’s a great build that integrates functionality and aesthetic charm in equal measure. Happy with the final product, everything goes live and you wait patiently for the hordes of traffic to start coming through. Unfortunately, a brand-new site doesn’t guarantee success within Google and many businesses need to make use of SEO services to help elevate the website within search engines and place it amongst the relevant ranking positions that garner regular impressions. SEO goes hand-in-hand with web design and should be a vital consideration within every project.

What is SEO?

An integral aspect of digital marketing – SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a process that looks to refine a website in order to boost its’ rankings within Google or other search engines. While it’s not something that many people think about, a websites’ placement within Google plays a huge part in how likely they are to get visitors. How often do you scroll past the first page when looking for something online? In fact, the very first organic result gets roughly 27% of all clicks relevant to a query. Through Search Engine Optimisation, various actions are carried out in order to make a website appear more favourable in the eyes of Google with the goal of placing it as highly as possible for various key terms/phrases relevant to the business.

SEO During the Web Design Process

A frequently recurring issue that trips up business owners and website designers alike is that they do not factor SEO into the web development process. It becomes far more challenging to make changes to a website once it’s live and the alterations that are frequently required in order to improve on the user experience will not only need to be carried out while the site is down – which may lead to the business to miss out on enquiries and traffic – but will also likely be quite costly as an AD/HOC developmental charge.

Google uses a metric called Core Web Vitals to measure the quality of a website’s user experience with those that don’t meet the requirements frequently finding it more difficult to rank for higher competition terms. Without paying attention to this, websites may find themselves unable to compete within their industries.

Meeting SEO Compliance

There is a plethora of factors that count toward a site’s SEO. These can be split into several categories:

  • Design – Is the site mobile friendly? Does it offer a good user experience? These are the basic elements of the site and will also play a role in determining how effective it is at attracting and converting visitors.
  • Images – Large images have the potential to not only clash with the overall build, but can also greatly slow down the site. It’s important that all images are properly sized and contain alt tags for ease of viewing.
  • Architecture – Search engine crawlers need to navigate the site in order to properly index pages; a site needs to be well structured with properly implemented menus in order to allow the various pages to rank.
  • Content – Quickly becoming more of a focus for Google especially, the quality of content plays a major role in SEO. Content needs to be regularly refreshed as well as trustworthy and authoritative in order for it to reap the full rewards of favourable rankings.

At Supersonic Playground we always implement elements of SEO into our web builds. The long-term success of our clients is our foremost priority and the web design solutions we deliver always represent this.

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