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Adding the ‘WOW’ to your new custom WordPress website

Our talented team of Web Designers and Creatives are here to make sure your new custom WordPress website stands out from the crowd and ensures you get noticed.

Once we’ve established the structure and layout of your new responsive website through our UX phase (user experience), the next step is to sprinkle our design magic and add colour, typography, photography and visual flair to bring your brand to life through your new website.

But there’s a lot more to it than simply adding colour and style to the designs. The impression that a new visitor forms of your business – positive or negative – is often deeply subconscious and can happen in milliseconds. Your customers may not even be able to explain why they chose your business over your competitors. The important part is that we create the right impression so that they do choose you.

Our talented and creative in-house team have an eye for web design, with decades of expertise and experience between them. There’s a lot to consider. From choosing colours and tones that resonate with your audience, to typefaces that echo your tone of voice, there are countless factors that can make or break a great website design.

Investing in a well-designed custom WordPress website is the best way to build trust in your visitors and turn them into advocates of your business. It all comes down to social proof. By investing in a high-quality custom WordPress website, it shows that your business is successful, and your customers will trust you more knowing that other customers before them have had a great user experience.

Fortunately, we have a proven track record in creating high-impact, engaging and beautifully designed responsive custom WordPress websites. From beautiful online shops (ecommerce websites) like Catchpole & Rye that prove that by building trust you can sell big ticket items online, through to head-turning branding and custom WordPress website projects for Redline and Friend & Grant, whatever your business or market, we can make you stand out from the crowd.

Visual design tasks

Below are just a few of the tasks that we can undertake in order to ensure your new custom website stands head and shoulders above the rest.

abstract coloured pattern abstract coloured pattern

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