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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system or CMS – which is essentially a website’s operating system. WhatCMS tells us that there are more than 498 CMS options available with WordPress top of the list holding 53.7% of the market. The second-largest platform is Joomla, with just 4.8% market share, and Drupal comes in third with 3.8%.

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If you’re looking for a new website, you need to choose the right CMS for your needs which is a decision usually made alongside a design and development agency like ourselves. But why are so many creators opting for WordPress? And what are the benefits? We explore below.

Before we get into the benefits, it’s important to note that there are two types of WordPress:

It’s free

At a fundamental level, WordPress is completely free, until you want all the bells, whistles and expertise that make a great site. If you’re going to connect a domain (a unique URL), an SSL certificate, add a theme, some plugins and hosting, these will all come with their own individual pricing. Plus, if you’re looking for someone to make sure it’s all technically sound, they’ll also have an hourly rate. Or you can partner with an agency who can design, develop and host your site without you having to worry.

It’s open source

WordPress is open to developers all over the world who are involved in its development and maintenance. As a result, new features are being built all the time, which means it’s easy to keep your website on-trend.

It’s secure

A common misconception about WordPress is that it’s insecure. This is incorrect. As the number one platform in the world, WordPress is worked on by some of the most talented developers globally who are continuously rolling out updates that strengthen the platform’s vulnerabilities. We recently wrote an article explaining more about the security of WordPress.

It’s transferable

One of the most significant benefits of WordPress for business owners and marketers is that you are never wedded to any one partner/provider. Therefore, if one agency designs your website, and then you bring on another to maintain and upgrade it at a later date – there’s no conflict in doing so. Not only does this save face with the agency that initially developed your website, but it also means you can get continued support without having to re-platform.

It’s user-friendly 

As the end-user, you want whichever platform you choose to make it easy for you to use, create and add new content. With WordPress, it’s very intuitive. Some simple training can make it an effortless process, giving your team the power to create and publish changes in a flash.

It’s responsive

Unlike some other platforms, everything with WordPress is fully responsive. This means that regardless of device, your visitors will get a fully optimised experience.

It’s SEO ready

With WordPress you can get a free plugin Yoast which adds an SEO component to every page, scoring you from red to green based on a series of actions surrounding your keywords. It’s a great tool that allows you to customise your Meta Data and ensure each page is optimised for SEO. Not sure what SEO is? Discover SEO and how to rank on Google.

The downside

The biggest pitfall when it comes to WordPress is that there are many DIYers out there, with limited experience, who mock-up a basic site and then sell it at a high profit. These sites are often poorly designed and riddled with technical faults. The best advice we can give you is to ask questions. Look for a reputable agency with proven credentials and, if possible, look for quality and value over cost.


To help businesses make a more informed decision about which CMS is best for them, we’ve written some comparison articles comparing WordPress to its biggest market contenders:

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