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WordPress- is it secure enough for my website?-01

WordPress: is it secure enough for my website?

In short, yes. WordPress is a very secure platform and is ranked as the number one CMS, owning more than 53% of the market.

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Established in 2003, WordPress has been worked on by some of the best developers worldwide and is audited daily with regular updates rolled out to maintain security.

So why does everyone think it’s insecure

It’s a common misconception and one that many bias agencies and developer swear by as they push businesses towards more enterprise-level platforms. While it’s true that WordPress isn’t for everyone and that your business and digital needs should be the core driver when choosing a CMS, WordPress is still the most widely used platform and is in no way any less secure than any other platform.

It’s important to note that, at its core, WordPress is just as secure as any other platform – assuming you keep your version updated. However, its open-source nature means that anyone can create a theme or plugin, which, when used by unsuspecting DIY-ers, can cause vulnerabilities. To ensure maximum security, we’ve listed our best practice tips for you to follow.

Keep up with the updates

As one of the most sought-after platforms on the market, WordPress is open to attacks because of its popularity. As a result, you must install all the latest updates as they’re released, as these will have all of the latest patches and vulnerability fixes.

Only use verified plugins

There are a whole host of plugins available for WordPress. It’s actually one of the platform’s most significant benefits, giving you the ability to create almost any type of website you can imagine. However, its open-source nature means that anyone can create a plugin. If plugins don’t get thoroughly tested or are written to a poor standard, they too can cause security threats.

Be careful what you theme

WordPress is well known for its theming. Like plugins, anyone can create a theme, and this means that any DIYer can create and sell their design even if it’s not technically sound. When choosing a theme, use either one of the WordPress’ themes, an established third-party provider such as WooThemes or speak to a developer to get them to check anything you’re purchasing from a creator.

Use a partner

It’s easy to spin up a website using WordPress, but doing this doesn’t guarantee speed, security, quality or overall success. Depending on the scale of what you’re looking for, it might be easier to outsource the project to a reputable agency. An agency with more experience will develop a website that ticks all of your boxes, generates traffic and drives ROI. These top tips will help you ensure you pick the right web agency for your business.

Overall, you shouldn’t let the misconceptions around security put you off when it comes to WordPress – it’s a robust platform favoured by the masses. Still not convinced? Check out these comparisons below:

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