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Preparing for your new website

Preparing for your new website: what you need to know

Be prepared ahead of your new website project by ensuring you have each of these items covered.

4 minute read

#1 Branding

When starting your new website project, one of the first aspects you’ll want to think about or convey to your web designer or web agency is your branding.

  1. Do you already have a brand identity? If so, what is it?
  2. Do you need to create a brand? If so, what are the values that make up your organisation?

If you worked with an agency to produce your brand, you’d likely have brand guidelines covering the necessities. If not, you’ll need:

  • Your logo: how your logo should and shouldn’t be used, the different colours and variations of your logo, and placements.
  • Your tone of voice: is it formal or informal? Do you use colloquialisms? How do you want your brand to come across?
  • Brand assets: these will include things such as shapes, colours, images or illustrations that make your brand unique.
  • Your values: what does your brand represent? What are your organisation’s core values, value proposition or end goals?

#2 Content

Your website will require content, and it’s often the biggest bottleneck for new website projects. Your content may include:

  • Images: are you using stock photography, or do you need to organise a photographer?
  • Written copy: what pages require new content, and who is responsible for producing this?
  • Downloads: this might include PDFs or worksheets; if so, you might want to have a ‘gated content’ area.
  • Videos: will your website include videos? Who will produce these? How will they play, and where will they be hosted?
  • Icons/graphics: how will you use iconography to move the user through your website? Will you use animations or icons to add visuals to your pages?

Learn more about the importance of content marketing & how a lack of content could be leading to a lack of conversions.

#3 Domain

You’ll need a domain ( to launch your new website. If you don’t already have one, we recommend purchasing this before starting your branding or website project.

You’ll also require an SSL certificate which adds a layer of security to your site. Most domain or hosting providers offer this, and it is essential for all websites.

Learn more about SSL certificates.

#4 Hosting

Website and email hosting is another challenge to most website projects. Find out early on if your new website will include hosting (we include one year’s free hosting with the purchase of any of our websites) or if you’ll have to look to an alternative provider to organise this. Your email hosting may also play a role in the website launch if you have an existing domain, but you’ll need to speak to your provider about this.

Learn more about the types of website hosting.

#5 Features and Functionality

What is your new website looking to achieve? Before you kick-start your new website project, it’s best to create a brief that outlines what your new website is looking to achieve, including the input of all required stakeholders. For example:

  • Do you need a member’s area?
  • Will your website use forms?
  • Do you require eCommerce or checkout functionality, or is your site purely a ‘brochure’?
  • Will you use a calendar or booking system?
  • Does your current site offer any additional features such as call back functionality that you want to include?
  • Will you require a website search function?

Knowing what you want your new website to achieve and what features and functions you’ll want to achieve your goals are crucial. Our eBook: How to Buy Your Next Website and our Briefing Form can help you collate the information required to determine which functions and features you might need.

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